Who We Are


International Luxury Travel & Hospitality Alliance​

Message from the chairman

ILTHA is a multitude of luxury collection and travel destination brands with brand optimisation services. We customise our services to suit the needs and interests of our customers, collections, and partners. 

 ILTHA is committed to improving your brand and seeing it thrive. We help market independent brands to a global audience and elevate their visibility through international exposure. Reach a wider audience by upscaling your presence and maximizing your collection value. 

Your pride and profit is our priority.
With ILTHA, you don’t have to settle for anything less than excellence. 

Be Luxury, Be ILTHA!

Our Brands

ILTHA is a brand-driven luxury collection and travel destination around the world. We help elevate independent brands’ global visibility through international exposure and upscale their presence on the map with brand optimisation.

ILTHA has promoted and marketed over 350 travel & hospitality businesses brands globally in more than 15 countries worldwide, providing a holistic overview of International Luxury Travel & Hospitality of the World’s upscale business operations, brands, and core business activities.​

ILTHA features four independent brand collections, grouped into four industries; Tours & Travel, Hotels & Resorts, Restaurants & Bars, and Recreation & Lifestyle!

Pick one of our globally acclaimed independent brands and experience personalised luxury service set in tranquil settings, with inspirational designs and transformative experiences in some of the world’s finest city & urban destinations.

Our Alliance

Our Alliances align with the global economy’s growth. We are committed to forging strong, long-term partnerships and strategic alliances with organisations that share in our commitment to fostering a more robust and sustainable economic growth worldwide.

Our international outreach has led to close relationships with local governments and business leaders to bring economic benefits and opportunities to people and communities everywhere we operate.

Our Groups

ILTHA – International Luxury Travel & Hospitality Alliance is managed by LTH Worldwide a Group of SEVENFOLD ASIA, a leading Hospitality, Investment and Tourism Advisory in Asia.

We strive to bring a positive impact to people and communities while caring for the environment and balancing the interests of our diverse stakeholders and partners.

We place great emphasis on bringing both economic opportunities as well as creating lasting value for the larger community.

Our Group is a diversified global corporation and have specialized high-profile, iconic projects with our partners, in prime cities and frontier destinations.

Therefore we expand into new frontiers, we have placed worldwide representative to market, develop and also welcome new luxury destination.

Our Services

ILTHA elevates the visibility of independent brands through international exposure and brings them to the forefront of the luxury travel & hospitality market. Building a global brand takes time, effort, and skill.

ILTHA can help you take that leap.

Being in the business of brands, ILTHA makes it possible for brands and collections around the world to expand their horizons. We help you grow your business exponentially by taking your brand to a global audience.

Our membership organisation has promoted and marketed over 350 travel & hospitality businesses—including luxury hotels, resorts, spas, golf courses, and destinations—in more than 15 countries around the world. We help you find your niche by providing you with key insights into the international luxury hospitality and travel industry and helping your brand stand out.

ILTHA features four independent brand collections, grouped into four industries; Tours & Travel, Hotels & Resorts, Restaurants & Bars, and Recreation & Lifestyle!

Please drop us a message, should you wish to enquire our services. We are excited to help you reach a new height of success.

Our Strengths

ILTHA’s expertise in the Luxury Travel & Hospitality industry is all-encompassing, allowing us to provide our services in a way tailored to our customers, collections, and partners’ needs. In addition, our extensive experience has led us to cultivate solid partnerships and unparalleled reach around the world that will benefit you with maximum exposure for your brand on an international scale.

Our hands-on solutions approach allows us to implement unique brand-specific campaigns and strategies for every client, garnering them a competitive edge in reaching maximum operational returns and creating profit-making opportunities.

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